Being prepared with some decisions before starting to look for a photo booth company will make your life so much easier and make finding that perfect photo booth company a lot faster!

1. When is your event?

Good photo booths book up fast! You should plan to book your event at least 8-12 weeks in advance. The faster you can lock in a date the faster you can lock in your booth.

2. How many guests will be attending your event?

Knowing this number will help you know how long you need a photo booth for AND how many photo booths you should book for your event. Here is a quick rule of thumb when deciding how many and how long:

Here is a rule of thumb for number of guests or attendees:

•  0-50 people: One Booth, Two Hours
•  51-125 people = One Booth, Three Hours
•  126-250 people = One Booth, Four Hours
•  251-500 people = Two Booths, Four Hours
•  501-1000 people = Three Booths, Five Hours

3. What kind of booth do you want?

There are multiple booth types out there. Open Air. Enclosed. Blow Up. Vintage. Modern. Retro. But really, what do those types mean? How big are they? How many people can fit in them? Do your research and know what kind of booth you want, this will help you narrow down your company contact list faster.

We are an open air photo booth company

Open air booths have become all the rage. They are exactly what they sound like, open. Everyone at the event can see your poses and how much fun you’re having! The camera kiosk sits six feet away from the backdrop and allows for a nice group of people to be in the photo! Another benefit of open air booths is that they have small footprint. The minimal amount of space an open air needs is 5′ x 6′ (though the more room the better!).

4. What’s included in the package?

Every photo booth company has different pricing set-ups. Some companies offer packages, while others do not. Make a list of all the things you want your booth to do, then compare the lists to the photo booth company’s offerings. This is one of the reasons we’ve set up PHXPIX’s pricing to have a base package and then an a la carte menu so you’re getting what you want and not paying for anything you don’t.

5. Do you want anything extra?

Standard photo booths come with the booth and prints, but think beyond that. What kind of background do you need? If it’s a corporate event, are you going to need a step and repeat? Is this a fundraising event that could benefit from custom props in the shapes of your logo or products? Knowing this will aid in the photo booth company giving you an accurate quote!

We sincerely hope these tips will help you when you are booking a photo booth for your event! If you would like to receive a quote from PHX PIX Photobooth, we would love to help you out! Please contact us today!